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Block 1

2021-05-26 08:00 welcome
chair: Henrison Hsieh
2021-05-26 08:15Invited talk: Jed Pizarro-Guevara.
“What Tagalog can teach us: The influence of word order in reflexive processing”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 09:15break
2021-05-26 09:30Shannon Bryant & Deniz Satik.
“A Minimalist account of Balinese binding”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 10:00Dan Brodkin & Justin Royer.
“Two constraints on ergative anaphors”
abstract handout video
2021-05-26 10:30break
chair: Ileana Paul
2021-05-26 10:45Hiroki Nomoto.
“Ergative extraction in Sumbawa”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 11:15Tyler Lemon.
“Nominative agreement below TAM and negation in Uab Meto”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 11:45student mixer (gather town)

Block 2

chair: Connie Ting
2021-05-26 20:30
(time changed)
Invited talk: Sam Zukoff.
“Reduplication in Ponapean (and Tawala): Re-evaluating ‘Base-Dependence'”
abstract handout video
2021-05-26 21:30break
2021-05-26 21:45Daniel Kaufman & Alessa Farinella.
“Gesture alignment in a stressless language”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 22:15break
chair: Mathieu Paillé
2021-05-26 22:30Marcin Wągiel & Pavel Caha.
“Decomposing cardinal numerals: Cross-linguistic evidence”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 23:00Albertine Mandimbisoa.
“La syntaxe et la sémantique des noms composés de structure NN du malgache”
abstract slides video
2021-05-26 23:30student mixer (gather town)

Block 3

chair: Jessica Coon
2021-05-27 08:00Invited talk: Vololona Razafimbelo.
“On the other side of the linguist fence – The Consultant World”
abstract slides video
2021-05-27 09:00break
2021-05-27 09:15Ileana Paul & Holly Scott.
“Clausal complementation in Malagasy”
abstract handout video
2021-05-27 09:45Connie Ting.
“Malagasy N-bonding: A licensing approach”
abstract handout video
2021-05-27 10:15break
chair: Christopher Davis
2021-05-27 10:30Jacob Aziz & Noah Elkins.
“Malagasy /nr/-strengthening within and across prosodic boundaries”
abstract slides video
2021-05-27 11:00Hero Patrianto.
“Javanese Object Voice as an undergoer topic construction: Insights from PPs”
abstract slides video
2021-05-27 11:30general mixer (gather town)

Block 4

chair: Mathieu Paillé
2021-05-27 20:00Invited talk: Jozina Vander Klok.
“What Javanese tells us about types of ellipsis in polar answers”
abstract slides video
2021-05-27 21:00break
chair: Dan Brodkin
2021-05-27 21:15Christopher Davis.
“Deriving categorical and continuous properties of Javanese speech levels”
abstract slides video
2021-05-27 21:45Tamisha L. Tan.
“The diachrony of preverbal subject marking across NTT”
abstract handout video
2021-05-27 22:15Austin Kraft.
“Argument possibilities in the object voice in East Javanese Indonesian”
abstract handout video
2021-05-27 22:45general mixer (gather town)

Block 5

chair: Hiroki Nomoto
2021-05-28 08:00Emily Drummond.
“Maintaining syntactic identity under sluicing: Pseudoclefts and voice (mis)matches”
abstract handout video
2021-05-28 08:30Zachary Wellstood.
“A relative clause analysis of event existential constructions in Aklanon”
abstract handout video
2021-05-28 09:00break
2021-05-28 09:15Joey Lim.
“External possession and the vP phase edge in Pangasinan”
abstract slides video
2021-05-28 09:45John Middleton & Saurov Syed.
“Revisiting T-to-C movement in Polynesian: An argument for a finer left periphery”
abstract slides video
2021-05-28 10:15break
2021-05-28 10:30business meeting

Block 6

chair: Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
2021-05-28 20:00Invited talk: Victoria Chen.
“The design of Philippine-type syntax, with special reference to Formosan”
abstract handout video
2021-05-28 21:00break
chair: Tamisha Tan
2021-05-28 21:15Henrison Hsieh.
“Matters of locality in exceptional Tagalog A′-extraction”
abstract slides video
2021-05-28 21:45Joey Lim & Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine.
“Argument apposition in Pangasinan”
abstract slides video
2021-05-28 22:15break
2021-05-28 22:30Dan Brodkin.
“Philippine-type voice and split absolutive syntax”
abstract handout video
2021-05-28 23:00Paul Kroeger.
“Focus-aspect polysemy in Kimaragang”
abstract handout video
2021-05-28 23:30goodbyes