Business Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 10:30 pm (Montréal Time)

Next year

  • University of Manchester, UK
    • Contact: Vera Hohaus (support, technology, funding)
  • Dongwoo Park (Korea National Open University) expressed interest in hosting next year’s AFLA as a last resort – could not do 2023 because the funding needs to be used by next year

Thoughts on:

  • virtual/in-person/hybrid
    • some votes for hybrid
    • no strong oppositions to any option
  • possible overlap with TripleA workshop for semantic fieldworkers next summer?
    • participants are interested in this possibility
  • presentations in languages other than English
    • whatever is decided, it was agreed that any restrictions should be stated upfront
    • included languages could depend on the organizing team and the languages they have between them
    • things to consider: critical mass of speakers of those languages, native speaker linguists


  • Relevant issues: cost, open access, using LaTeX
  • Notes from Ileana:
    • Asia-Pacific had changed their policies which required a book proposal, external reviews, costs for copy editing
    • JSEALS accepted only Word which was problematic for LaTeX submissions
    • We could continue with Western (as has been done in the last few years) since Ileana is familiar with the process and has control over it
  • At least one other voted strongly against JSEALS
  • There was general agreement to continue with Western

Code of Conduct

Comments from Mitcho & Carly:

  • the objective is to be more thoughtful on how we can do things better
  • resources for inclusivity in linguistics include:
    • conference organizing manual
  • some notes on the code of conduct:
    • drafted in consultation with many organizers of some prominent conferences
    • has descriptions/discussion about positive behaviour of what we hope to see but also negative behaviour to guard against that are not acceptable
    • has some beginnings for procedures for how participants can report behaviours/experiences


  • there’s a worry that conferences put it on their webpage but life goes on as usual; perhaps there needs to be more discussion on how to state the “don’t do X”
  • we should continue emphasizing and encouraging that these conferences are about exchanging ideas in supportive, positive, and helpful ways

Suggestions for invited speakers

  • Things to keep in mind for diversity and equity:
    • gender equity
    • junior researchers
    • branching out from syntax to other areas
  • Have a way of creating a pool of suggestions
    • so that it’s not last minute
    • so that it’s not dependent on only a few organizing members’ memories/experiences

Files to pass on

  • ‘Members’ list
    • emails
    • subject area
    • language area
    • past participation
    • invited speaker (including year invited)
  • List of reviewers
  • Suggestions for funding
  • Past stats
  • Website materials
    • if organizers don’t mind using the same website format, the account information could be passed on and they can revise as necessary
  • All of this information could be stored in a shareable folder (e.g. Dropbox)

Some stats

  • overwhelmingly syntax – perhaps linked to the invited speakers
  • low percentage of female submitters
    • maybe we can target female scholars just to see if they’d be interested in submitting something
  • maybe it would help to say that we’ll have a “special session” for p-side topics
  • could be helpful if AFLA overlaps with phonology/phonetics conferences
    • Manchester has an annual phonology conference: MFM
    • This year’s was held on May 27th
    • Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 26-28, 2022

Total submissions: 35 abstracts from 42 authors

Female vs. male presenters31%69%
Female vs. male submitters28%72%
Overall acceptance rate71% 
Female vs. male acceptance rate75%67%
Non-prof vs. prof acceptance rate67%75%

Other notes

  • It may be helpful to have a ‘Suggestions’ page on the AFLA website for attendees to leave comments/feedback
    • this could be publicly viewable on the site so that everyone can comment on each others’ posts (anonymously if preferred)
    • or there could be an option for attendees to send comments/feedback directly to the organizing committee (also anonymously if preferred)