On the Uniformity of the Locality System: Extraction out of Conjuncts, Intervention Effects, and Split IP

Željko Bošković
(University of Connecticut)

Within a more general phase-based locality approach which keeps the locality system itself uniform across languages in spite of what appear to be significant crosslinguistic differences with respect to extraction (see Bošković 2014, 2015, 2016, in press for various islands/locality-of-movement issues), the talk focuses on the traditional ban on extraction out of conjuncts (CSC). Based on a number of cases from various languages where extraction out of conjuncts is shown to be possible in violation of the CSC the talk proposes and deduces a new generalization regarding when extraction out of conjuncts is possible. The account also leads to establishment of a new type of across-the-board-movement, where movement out of each conjunct takes place but it is not the same element that is extracted out of each conjunct but different elements. Additionally, the talk shows that unlabeled elements do not count as interveners, a rather natural generalization given the nature of intervention effects, where features of the intervener matter (projecting features requires projecting a label), and sheds light on the ban on local wh-movement from SpecIP to SpecCP.

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