The National University of Singapore will host a two-day Workshop on Current Issues in Comparative Syntax: Past, Present, and Future, March 1–2, 2018. All are welcome to attend.

The Workshop will bring together established and emerging scholars who have worked extensively on major language regions of the world and/or issues related to cross-linguistic variation. The plenary speakers and additional speakers below will offer talks on fundamental questions in contemporary syntactic theory and syntactic variation and how their languages of interest can shed light on these questions. We are also soliciting poster presentations.

Plenary speakers:

  • Edith Aldridge (Austronesian)
  • Mark Baker (languages of Africa)
  • Theresa Biberauer (Germanic)
  • Željko Bošković (Slavic)
  • Jessica Coon (Mayan)
  • Andrew Simpson (languages of South and/or Southeast Asia)

Additional speakers:

  • Michael Barrie
  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
  • Theodore Levin
  • L. Julie Jiang
  • Martina Martinović
  • Matthew Reeve


Yosuke Sato and Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine


We gratefully acknowledge support by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Department of English Language & Literature at the National University of Singapore for supporting this Workshop.