Thursday poster session

  • Olena Steriopolo (Universität Kyjiw) & Olga Steriopolo (ZAS)
    “Parameters of Variation in the Syntax of Gender”
  • Trang Phan (Ghent University) & Eric Lander (University of Gothenburg)
    “Plural Markers in a Classifier Language: The Case of Vietnamese”
  • Masako Maeda (Kyushu Institute of Technology) & Yosuke Sato (National University of Singapore)
    “Japanese Obligatory Control as Switch Reference: Toward Eliminating PRO from Linguistic Theory”
  • Naoyuki Akaso (Nagoya Gakuin University)
    “Phases as the Spell-Out Domain and Japanese Q-Float”
  • Julie Doner (University of Toronto)
    “Is the EPP type of a language correlated with other properties of the language?”

Friday poster session

  • Nobu Goto (Toyo University)
    “Whether We Inherit or Not: A Unified Account of Pro-Drop and Topic-Drop”
  • Zheng Shen (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
    “The Agreement Hierarchy and Multi-Valuation”
  • Duk-Ho An (Konkuk University)
    “A Uniform Analysis of NP-Coordination and Commitative Constructions”
  • Yuta Sakamoto (Chukyo University) and Hiroaki Saito (University of Connecticut)
    “Some Notes on Particle-Stranding Ellipsis in Japanese”
  • Hiroki Nomoto (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
    “Variations in Austronesian Bare Passive Agents”