The conference proceedings for AFLA 24 will be published online as a special issue of the Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS). JSEALS is a peer-reviewed electronic-only open-access journal.

All participants in AFLA 24 (invited speakers, oral presenters, poster presenters) are invited to submit papers for inclusion in the proceedings volume. Following the initial submission deadline, each paper will receive peer comments and authors will be invited to revise their paper in response to the comments.

Regular papers may be up to 18 pages in length (A4 paper size). Papers from invited speakers may be up to 24 pages.


September 22, 2017.

Papers should be sent as email attachments to with the subject line “AFLA 24 Proceedings”. If you are writing your paper in Word, please send the paper as both a PDF document and the original Word document. If you are writing your paper in LaTeX, please send the PDF, LaTeX source file, images, and bbl bibliography file (if any).


Matt Pearson will edit the papers into a proceedings volume for submission to JSEALS. Any questions can be directed to

Style guide

The style guide for this volume is based closely on the style guides used for previous AFLA proceedings. Below are links to PDF and Word versions of the style guide (the latter can also be used as a template for authors writing their papers in Word).

AFLA stylesheet (A4 version) [PDF]
AFLA stylesheet (A4 version) [Word]

Please follow the instructions in this style guide as closely as possible. This will save work for the editors and ensure that the proceedings volume is published as quickly as possible, as well as making the format of the volume as uniform as possible with previous AFLA proceedings.